13 Nodes

The Observer Nodes were created for use by the military during the War. Originally designed as surveillance and espionage devices, they used sophisticated algorithms to calculate the places and moments of greatest danger and need during battle, and would alert the operators to potential risks and options.

After the war, the Thirteen Nodes were decommissioned for 20 years, before the R&D sections of several rune-tech firms procured them, and devoted vast resources to increasing the efficiency, processing power, and predictive capabilities of the Nodes. After several years without results, the firms began to pool resources and talent to solve their design issues.

The firms announced success five years later, and hosted a grand unveiling to display the nodes’ new prowess. The nodes were activated and promptly disappeared — much to the chagrin of the scientists who had worked for over a decade on them. All attempts to recall the nodes, or influence their operation in any way met with no success.

Shortly thereafter, the nodes began to reappear. At random intervals, to random people — all without any apparent systemic approach or larger goal. After an initial period of concern, the population began to view the nodes as a benign and mostly harmless part of their lives.

Folk lore and common wisdom began to develop surrounding the nodes, as people began to decipher a rough idea of each node’s function.

1. Red Node – Warning [DEACTIVATED]
2. Blue Node – Picture, Uncertain Threat
3. Purple Node – Question/Answer [DEACTIVATED]
5. Orange Node – No Apparent Function
6. Black Node – Research
8. Yellow Node – No-Nonsense Node
10.White Node – Death
13. Green-Glass Node – Unknown

13 Nodes

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