The War

Fifty years ago, the War began.

Biological poisons were released into the water supply, vented into the air, seeded into the earth. The country of Turn was ill-prepared, a society of farmers, scientists, scholars. Any confusion about the source of this attack was dispelled by the first invasion of armored tanks and ground forces on the western border of Turn.

The Enemy, the Monsters, the Steel Fist of Despair, the Alien and Evil — the [Blank]. An extra-terrestrial race of colonists who had landed upon and conquered the neighboring country of Zorutan. They had been making attacks of expansion and conquest for years, but the peace-loving people of Turn were certain that they would be spared, or that diplomatic means could work out some accord.

The [Blank] marched on Turn, pushing the old Republic Guard out of the major cities. The most brilliant scientists fled to Doctorow Island. Then the invaders waited – they waited patiently for the human populace to be crippled by their plague.

But the people of Turn were resourceful. They were brilliant and they were brave. They invented the Vaccine.

A system of genetic modification that would make the people immune to the [Blank]’s poison, allowing them to rally and fight back. With the unexpected side-effect of amazing new abilities and physical change in a small percentage of the population exposed to the Vaccine.

It was a long war, years to develop the Vaccine, then more years to build adequate defenses and mount their counterattack. 25 years after the [Blank] Invasion the Turn Defense Force reclaimed control of the country and pushed back the invaders. 10 years more of ceaseless defense and fighting for every inch of soil.

The past 15 years have been a stalemate, a Cold War. Open hostility is rare, but brave soldiers still die in defense of Turn — and the children of Turn must also do their part, training to join the Defense Force.

The War

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