The Academy

Before the War, Emelius Sedgebert’s School of Letters Exotic and Thought Logistical was a poorly attended university, crumbling quietly into the moor. It was the school of choice for wealthy family’s third or fourth children, the ones who did not want to use college for its proper purpose [socialization, inebriation, and matrimony] and actually wanted to learn things.

When enemy operatives released the biological toxin in the air and water of the country, and the ground forces started the invasion — the scientists of Turn made their base on Doctorow Island, but the beleaguered Republic Guard fell back to the stone halls of Sedgebert’s. The great libraries became command centers, the dormitory became a barracks, the squash court became a landing pad.

As the long years of the war rolled on, the need for well-trained soldiers and operatives never slacked, and the dusty old university grew and warped as it was hammered into a crucible for battle-steel. With the rise of the alt-humans [GMO], the explosion of development into rune-tech, and the advent of the battle-mechs — the courses and instructors and facilities of the campus became all the more exotic and advanced.

No one quite remembers when the school became simply known as The Academy, but at the current date the name of Sedgebert is only pertinent to scholars and trivia-contest winners.

After the War, the Academy continues to train and prepare the young people of Turn for their mandatory three years of military service. Each student is carefully trained in their chosen field of combat — as well as a comprehensive education and training in many fields of study.

Primary Combat Speciality [PCS]
Melee Weapons
GMO Abilities
Close Combat
Gear Combat [currently defunct after the Battle Automoton Decommissioning Act]
XYZ Combat [designated for any style of combat not covered by others]

The Academy

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