“So, having dealt with that matter, let’s turn our attention to the applicants for Advanced Rune Operations. First up, Cadet Zephyr. Scribe, please review her official record.”

“Yes, sir. Parents. Father: Augustus. Scientist on the team that developed the Vaccine. Currently deeply studying the genetic effects. Mother: Gabrielle. Works in Intelligence. Rank: Classified. Apparently Intelligence and Development must have been close to each other, because the two were married and had two daughters, Zelda and Selena, who both currently work under their mother in an unknown capacity. She was born premature due to a miscarriage…”

“How is that…please explain.”

“Yes sir, apparently she was to be a twin, but her male twin died in the womb. The male was nearly twice her size when the mother gave birth. She has remained below average in stature her entire life.”

“Ah, yes, continue.”

“Cadet Zephyr has glided through her studies and training thus far, always in the top 10% but never in the top 5%. Due to her slight build, she does not excel in hand to hand combat. In fact, she has only taken the most basic of all courses of a melee nature. Past instructors found her to be too gentle to ever posses any real martial ability. She has one demerit earned in her first year here for making another student cry in the middle of a class. The other student refused to explain why…”

“Hold for a moment. Is she in anyway linked to the two girls and the boy who asked repeatedly for a transfer a month ago? That was the first multi-person transfer I’ve ever seen. They refused to state anything other than ‘Personal’ reasons.”

“No sir, there is nothing indicating the Cadet had anything to do with that anomaly.”

“Very well. Rune aptitude?”

“Exceptional. Findings based on family background and personal achievement: Highly Recommended.”

“Hmmm. Well I believe we can all agree on her admittance. So approved. Next up…”



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