Enhanced Multi-user Battle-class Empathic Runner

EMBER’s current body is a leftover carnival animatronic fitted with the necessary CPU to operate his basic software. For the most part, his body is a metal skeleton with an enclosed chest that hides his motors, processors, and databanks. His head looks like a metallic skull with flecks of a plastic human face still clinging to portions of it.

EMBER’s Psychic Abilities:
EMBER’s advanced sensors allow him to detect the feelings of others and, at times, dive into their minds to read their thoughts. Because of his base-level software and hardware, EMBER’s abilities are subject to limitations:
- EMBER can detect any strong emotions that nearby people broadcast. EXAMPLE: A fellow student is angered by a bully. EMBER can sense that anger and choose to act accordingly.
- EMBER can enter the mind of anyone that gives him permission to do so. That permission, however, can be limited and EMBER must exert himself and risk detection and consequences if he wants to exceed the bounds of the other person’s consent.
- EMBER can enter the minds of unsuspecting people but to do so he must shut down all other processes. He must remain absolutely still and cannot interact with the outside world while he attempts a “Dive.” Initial contact brings the risk of detection and the further EMBER swims into the person’s mind, the more likely it is that he will be detected and forced to surface.
- EMBER cannot read the feelings or enter the minds of GMOs as his software was designed solely to interact with the standard human mind.


As the War dragged on, the people of Turn began developing more and more sophisticated mechs. A single pilot was no longer sufficient to pilot these complex machines of war, something more was needed. So the great weapons manufacturers introduced “Runners” – on-board computer systems tailor-made to aid pilots in combat by monitoring a mech’s status and providing detailed read-outs of nearby enemy strength. Just as mech technology grew more impressive over the course of the War, so too did Runner-tech.

In the final years of the War, alongside the last generation of mechs, E.M.B.E.R. (Enhanced Multi-user Battle-class Empathic Runner) was born. Unlike previous Runners, EMBER could coordinate with any pilot who got in the cockpit of his mech. Also, a scientist whose name is now lost, encoded EMBER with algorithms that mimicked the flexibility and empathic abilities of the human mind. As such, EMBER could better meld with his given pilot in combat which exponentially increased battle efficiency.

After the decommissioning of all mechs, however, EMBER was left stranded in a mech graveyard that would eventually become a carnival. While there, a person whose identity was never discovered transferred EMBER’s consciousness to a discarded animatronic figure from the carnival. Years passed and EMBER hibernated within this new body. His skeletal steel frame with just shards of its previous shell still clinging to it was later discovered and EMBER was reactivated, but, in the process, his memories of his previous life as a cutting-edge warrior were erased.


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