There's Still Time

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Where is that boy?

Belias hunted up and down the boardwalk. His nephew was an hour overdue. The plan wasn’t going to happen by itself. That boy had work to do.

Glancing into the window of the closed jewel shop, he growled to himself. One, two, three…

Counting always calmed Belias, and there was plenty pretty things to count in the window display. He needed the cat to climb in through the roof. Then the boy could do the rest.

There was still time.

“Hmmm….” He growled again. Turning and sweeping his gaze along the boardwalk, he saw the fairgrounds in the distance. Something made him uneasy about that place. His co-workers at the lab were obsessed with a project they were working on there.

A new thought fluttered in his mind. Kids. He saw a group of kids on the beach. Could Lucht have been playing? Could Lucht have made some friends? Lucht was an awkward little boy with his slight accent, there’s no way he would have been accepted into a group of playmates…

Then again, the kid did have some sort of charm that got him out of trouble he found himself in and in spite of the plans Belias eventually had for the kid, it was hard to dislike Lucht.

This is a heavy lock.

Looking down at the back door, Belias found the lock too strong for his skills.

Next hunting trip, I’m bringing a bear pelt for Lucht’s skin. Or a gorilla.

Having the boy steal wasn’t Belias’ original plan, but each of his projects were denied funding because many of his ideas weren’t entirely based on the scientific.

Everyone would soon see just what Belias Cross had to offer the scientific community. More than small time projects, that’s for sure.

There was still time.

Well, I’m not getting in there, that’s for sure. Not without Lucht.

Lucht’s genetic pool was like a long hallway. Each animal skin, bound to his own, was like a key to unlock each specific doorway. Belias had opened up so much more potential in the boy than the reports given on Lucht’s grandmother, the skin changer.

She only could skin change into five creatures. Lucht already can shift into six.

Belias’ prey was to hunt down the full potential of this child of the altered being. And then destroy him.

The pleasure of the hunt called to Belias, and the pleasure of denying the science world his creation was even something he anticipated even more.

He is now MY creation, isn’t he? They may have made a geemo of his grandmother, but I have the means to untap a new level of potency they wouldn’t – couldn’t dream of.

But first things first.

The sun was sinking below the horizon.

There’s still time.



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